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May 20 2015
Cam's portrait

Cam's portrait

This portrait was based on a picture I took while in Slovenia at the locals’ vacation spot of Lake Bled. Sitting at a lakeside table, I was interested in the way the afternoon light highlighted my husband, Cam Anderson. Additionally his expression was one I have often seen, and brings out a part of his personality I know well.

The challenge was to be loose, and not to overwork this, yet to be adequately accurate as portrait paintings of course must require.

It is funny to me that with this new direction into portrait work, some viewers now think I have a higher level of talent than before. Portraits, landscapes, or virtually any subject matter to me all draw on the same skills, the technical, the creative, and the emotive. Oh well, nice they think I really can paint!

Posted by Heather Anderson at 05:01